Happy Birthday Drew ! Joyeux Anniversaire !


Today is very important to me. On this April 30, 2014 , we’re celebrating Drew Seeley’s birthday !
My idol is 32 today.

From a little town in France, I’m listening to your song « Lazy Daze » and writing this message. I really hope you’re reading this text… I wish you Happy Birthday or Joyeux Anniversaire in French ! You can’t imagine how much I’m proud of you, your carreer and all you have done. You’re the best to me, the most talented ! When I listen to one of you song, I’m feeling like if I was in another world. No one can give me the same emotion so special as you can give me. Your voice is unique, your talent is unique. I’m so proud to talk about you, your personality to my family. Maybe you know that the French first channel TF1 had diffused several times one of your films (Freshman Father). Seeing you on French TV makes me feel so happy and proud ! You’re very attentive to the love your fans give you. You give us as much as we give you ! The evidence is here, you’re certainly reading this birthday message ! I will probably never meet you but I can write you all I want to tell you in real. I admire you so much ! Thanks for all you give me. You help me to grow up in my life and finding my way. You’re an example to me ! And you know, I’m so happy you’re married ! I love Amy, you look like the perfect couple ! Amy is made for you : she’s natural and talented as you are ! I’m so happy you found the woman of your life ! You’re made to be together ! I love your hapiness, I love you guys !
I hope you will read this text, I hope so ! You can’t imagine how it could make me feel happy !
I wish you the best Drew ! Hope you have a great and special day that will give you all you want !
Happy Birthday again !! And don’t forget we support you in France and that I love you. I will always support you!

Your best French fan, Fabienne.


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